Surfers by day, DJ's by night – the entrance of the phenom DJ group WeAreTreo (We Are Tree-oh) onto the music scene in 2013 started with their love for the ocean and all things surf travel, mixed with the late night club scene that went along with it. 
Growing up in the tight knit community of action sports and surrounded by art, culture, and some of the most covetable brands in youth lifestyle, allowed them to meet, form, and converge a unique group and sound derived from the eclectic industries and musical backgrounds they were individually influenced by at an early age. 
Their mission to collaborate and collide with the subculture they participate in has been turning heads all the way around. Making heads spin has come naturally to the three as they don't aim at controlling the crowd at their shows like the other DJ's, but more at unleashing the crowd alongside with them. 
With a love for house music, namely progressive and electro house, the Southern California locals WeAreTreo comprised of Ace Future, Trevor Shawn, and Spencer Regan have become a stand-out DJ / producer collective rooted in curating good times. 
With residencies at world renowned night clubs such as: 
Marquee - Las Vegas 
Jewel - Las Vegas 
Hakkasan - Las Vegas 
Omnia - San Diego 
E11even - Miami 
They are quickly taking over the nightlife party scene. They have recently released hits such as their remix of Sigma's "Nobody to Love", Sia's "Elastic Heart” and their latest twenty one pilots “Ride” remix. With upcoming dates across the US and Asia this year, they have definitely become the ones to watch. 


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Facebook - ANDR3X.DJ
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Avalon - Los Angeles
Create - Los Angeles
Exchange - LA
Heat - Anaheim
Marquee - Las Vegas
Omnia - San Diego
Sutra - Costa Mesa
Ten - Newport Beach
Tao - Las Vegas


Every person searches to find their mission in life, the reason why they are here... At a very young age, ANDR3X discovered his passion for music and realized his mission in life.
As a DJ, ANDR3X appeals to the toughest of critics. His sets are pumped with energy and emotion, each track carefully selected to intesify the ride he takes the listener on. His music selection are full of familiar hooks and lyrics yet fresh with his own edits, keeping the crowd on their toes at all times. 
In the studio, ANDR3X applies the same methodology as with his live DJ sets: detailed selection of sounds and arrangement. The result, timeless tracks that crushes the dance floor as evident with his original tracks "Believers" and his massive hit signed to Ultra/Sony Music "Together We Shine" featuring internationally reknowned singer/songwriter Jonny Rose. 
His labor of love does not stop with his busy DJ and studio schedule, his event company 3X has organized and promoted over 1,000 events in the last 10 years, shaping the dance music scene in the West Coast. 
From organizing monumental events, to playing at premiew venues, to producing monster tracks, it's clear from his devoted work ethic this is where he belongs, this is his mission.  


Believers (Discover Deep 2013) 
Shine (Ultra Music / Song Music 2014) 
Together We Shine (Ultra Music / Song Music 2014) 
Together We Shine (Ultra Music / Song Music 2015) 
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