About Us

Social Management Group (SMG) brings a full service approach to developing and managing nightlife and hospitality projects with a focus on the Southern California market. Striving for the best and most innovative solutions to enhance the consumer experience allows us to deliver serious results through a complimentary combination of fantastic talent performing in highly produced events in unique locations. 

SMG Partners Rob Arellano, Gene Brezeale, Dave Doyle and Mike Kinsella
Determined to demonstrate groundbreaking results in the Orange County market, SMG relies on strong partnerships (Established Nightlife producers, Key Promotional Groups & Media, Life Style and Liquor Brands) to ensure the events we create captivate the masses and are discussed for years. Our team works extensively in determining the best venues and locations to make our vision come to life coupling unique relations with our strategic partners to deliver serious results. 
Every event and venue is unique and personalized to match the overall vision of the experience provided. SMG is always seeking more ways to creatively expand all that we have to offer. Our team is consistently strategizing and researching the desires of our clientele in order to produce relevant and memorable moments through the most prestigious concepts and events. 
SMG’s expertise is in orchestrating all aspects of events, nightlife and dining from start to finish and setting us apart from local competition. This commitment allows us to create experiences and environments that are unparalleled to others, setting trends and making lasting impressions.  
Brings a full service approach to developing, marketing & managing nightlife and hospitality projects with a focus on the Southern California market. Please let us know how we can help you reach the potential of your new or existing project.
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